just two college kids who like to geek out on music...really, really good music.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Friend of mine posted this song on FB

Remix of Skrillex's Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites by (M-Theory). I dunno who this person is, but they're talented!
Exiled Sprites 'n Monsters by (M-theory)

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Skrillex featuring Sirah. So gewd. Going to SexiLexi this weekend to visit Sarah and others. Woo!
Weekends!!! Skrillex feat Sirah by DUBVEEK

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Atmosphere has good outros.

And, ya know, everything else. He goes hard here though. The mix of the lilting piano and the unrelenting beats is classic. Well done.

Rolling in the Deep Remixes (Childish)

So yeh. I'm sorry I post so much Childish Gambino, but he exemplifies everything that is right with Hip Hop right now. So... Deal with it.

Here's Jamie of the XX remixing Adele's Rolling In The Deep with Childish Gambino. Indie orgy? Eargasm, plain and simple. Jamie XX been remixing like a champ lately.
Adele - Rolling in the Deep (Jamie xx remix) ft. Childish Gambino (wemakeitbetter) by JThunder

Oh and here's Mike Posner's remash of the remix. This is getting ridiculous.
Mike Posner Childish Gambino Rolling In The Deep Mash by NoiseCandy23

Thursday, April 7, 2011


These guys can get pretty scary, but this is just legit hip hop and some skatin'. I dig it.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Cause they deserve it. This is just Flying Lotus being swag. NBD.

Flying Lotus - Kill Your Co-Workers from Warp Records on Vimeo.

El Guincho (WTF?)

Er... I was cruising Donald Glover's site http://www.iamdonald.com and found this shit. WTF?!?

El Guincho - Bombay from CANADA on Vimeo.

Gawsh we never post anything. NEW FUCKED UP

Okay, I've never posted anything this... er hardcore before on here before, BUT I ABSOLUTELY LOVED FUCKED UP.
This punk band is wicked cool and has been around (and maintained its original members) for ten years now.
Fucked Up kind of straddles the line between "indie rock" (or Twee rock if you're English) and hardcore punk. Not only do these guys collab with members of Circle Jerks and Dead Kennedys, but they team up with Andrew WK and Ezra Koenig and they do it on their fucking christmas album. Sounds pretty "indie" to me.

Oh, and they look like hipster kids.

They're also known for their heavy us of visuals and the first time they played at MTV, they trashed the fucking men's bathroom. Hardcore.

Fucked Up - "The Other Shoe" by AwkwardSound

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Crazy Week. SORRY GUYS.

Between my girlfriend's grandmother dying, two tests, a soccer game, and tons of homework, I've been crazy busy and harried this week so I haven't been able to post. However, I did buy the new Bright Eyes and Rural Alberta Advantage albums, so reviews are forthcoming.
I will leave you to wait for those with a macro picture of a ladybug and a good song. A bientot.

Titus Andronicus - Fear and Loathing In Mahwah, NJ by tadpoletunes

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hey, do I know that song?

"When Cameron was in Egypt's land...LET MY CAMERON GO!"

I was thinking about my younger brother Cameron today, and after seeing Ferris Bueller's Day Off this line always comes to my mind, but I never knew what song it was referring to. Google is such a wonderful creation, and I was able to find the song. It's nice to listen to Louis' jazzy voice from time to time. So if you were ever wondering...here's the song.

Jonquil - It Never Rains

Jonquil has the same floaty, summery feel as Vampire Weekend, with some vocal stylings that remind me of Yeasayer. This track is fun, sunshine, and feel good.

Jonquil - It Never Rains by Jonquil

this is WRFL with Allie Huddleston

What a lovely morning I'm having chilling with my friend Allie, who happens to also be a DJ at UK's student station, WRFL 88.1. She's playing such good tracks, I'm just going to post her playlist for the night here. Enjoy :)

Monday, March 28, 2011

My Heart Will Go On (me...lip-syncing!!!)

so i'm high on Red Bull...and i decided to record myself lip-syncing to one of my favorite theme songs...Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On" from TITANIC. hope you enjoy...or at least get a lawl. sorry for the bad quality...i'm no youtube celebrity...just yet! ;)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

WILCO - How To Fight Loneliness

2:13 am and I'm avoiding studying for a Bio exam...and I stumble across this song (another one from Girl, Interrupted). Alone in a dark, cold dorm room, trying to forget about something I can't stop thinking about...I relate.

<3 Sara Nelle How to Fight Loneliness by PYITE

Ronald Jenkees - Stay Crunchy

This is such a feel good track. Just the right mix of instrumentals and a slight dub...I can just feel all my worries drift away on a beat...

And the guy's originally from Kentucky. This is what I like to call #winning.

<3 Sara Nelle Stay Crunchy by WeGotaCodeRed

cover this: The End Of The World (Skeeter Davis)

Original: Skeeter Davis

I first heard this song in "Girl, Interrupted", and if you've seen the movie you know which scene I'm talking about. This song is so beautiful and sad...and haunting. And if you haven't seen Girl, Interrupted, you must. It's one of my favorite movies.

Cover: Girls

Friday, March 25, 2011

Balam Acab - See Birds (Moon)

Just found these guys today. I love the low-key dub and the eerie vocals that permeate through the dark musical abyss. If you're into bands like Salem, you will get down to this.

Enjoy kiddos,

Sara Nelle

Balam Acab - See Birds (Moon) by subraw

the lazy blogmate is back

I'm the lazy blogmate. I've been on spring break and just busy with life, and sometimes I'm just forgetful. Apologies to the queen.

This is a local band from Lexington called Funny Bones. My friend Nathan is in it, and I quite like their style. This song in particular has a lot of crazy sounds and a good vibe.

Enjoy kiddos,

Sara Nelle

Madiba by FBDJs

Thursday, March 24, 2011

I have a lazy blogmate!!!!

Sara is falling behind! Oh, dread!
SO I shall post extra.
This dude got me through the day today and you shall love him as I do. Andrew Bird is a masterful musician. He is a master in guitar, violin, mandolin, glockenspiel and.... Er, well, whistling. BUT HE'S REALLY GOOD AT IT! Proof:
Dark Matter LIVE by AudioAlt
Yeh, that's live.

I fell in love with this dude a couple years ago when I first heard this song:
Scythian Empires by Ekonomisk Management

And finally, just to prove he ain't no one trick pony, I leave you with an album I couldn't believe came from him until I researched it. This is his first band, Bowl of Fire:
Andrew Bird - Thrills by alejo.gonzalez

Monday, March 14, 2011

Freaks N Geeks - Childish Gambino

Yeh, Danny Glover the comedian. Again.
ee cummin on her face, man that's poetry in motion.
Childish Gambino - Freaks n Geeks by the beat farm

Junior Boys - ep

Now, my only complaint with this song is that when I saw the title it made me think there was a new EP by this band and now I'm disappointed. However, the song is classic Junior Boys (the original pop JB ;D) and it makes ya move. Great twilight driving music for sure. His voice is wicked sultry and the lyrics are heartbreaking, then of course the ever-so-slightly glitchy R&B beats. Mmmmmmm. I'm gonna repeat it.

Junior Boys - ep by jUjU

Anthony Gonzalez from M83 & Brian Reitzell - Just A Fragment Of You

Another amazing track from the Red Riding Hood album. M83 is an incredible French synth-electronic band that I adore. Listen and love.

Enjoy kiddos,

Sara Nelle

Anthony Gonzalez from M83 & Brian Reitzell - Just A Fragment Of You by barockt

Yuck isn't gross at all...

First of all, it's both of our bloggers' spring breaks, so be prepared for tons of tunage.

Second, Yuck is awesome. They're fairly new and their debut album came out just last month. They sound like Jesus Lizard boned Dinosaur Jr, definitely hearkening back to the golden age of rough cuts and bold bands. Hearing this song excites me.

The Wall by Yuck

Fever Ray - The Wolf

I'm a huge fan of The Knife ("Heartbeats" is in my top 10 songs of all time) and also Karin Dreijer Andersson's side project Fever Ray. The music is eerie and sinister, of another world altogether. This just-released track comes from the soundtrack to the new film Red Riding Hood, and I'm not too crazy about seeing it, but I'm glad it finally came out so I could listen to this amazing song. Feel the chill creep up your spine...

Enjoy kiddos,

Sara Nelle

Fever Ray - The Wolf by weallwantsome1

Cut Copy - Take Me Over

I'm currently on Spring Break in Orlando, Florida, hanging out with my soul sistahhh Angela and her Full Sail friends. I'm having a blast, but I'm so exhausted. Check out this new Cut Copy song, it's definitely a good song for SB '11!!!

Enjoy kiddos,

Sara Nelle

Cut Copy - Take Me Over by kevinthekid

Not Sick Anymore!

I'm finally not sick anymore! WOOOO!
So yeah... This song is about getting over a break up, but I'm not sick anymore so fuck it!

I Feel Better by kmore

My Girlfriend

First of all, my girlfriend is awesome. And a super-good artist and stuff (she's awesome, see left.) And she always tells me her music taste is unrefined, but every once in a while she'll come around with a really great band I've never heard of or never gave a though to. Little Comets is one of those. They're an amazing startup from Newcastle, England who've been signed to Columbia Records. They've also recently released their first full-length album titled In Search Of Elusive Little Comets (they are quite elusive, it took me forever to find a current site for them and I doubt we'll see any shows this side of the pond any time soon.) The album is of a very high quality and well laid out, and comes highly recommended.
This is my favorite track. Omgaaah.
Little Comets - Adultery by Mud Hut Digital

And real quick, my Girlfriend also posted a great song today that made me so proud <3

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Eskmo - Cloudlight

A crazy combination of different sounds fill the space while mellow vocals balance out the psychedelic and almost bring it down to earth...yet it's still floating above us in the air. Close your eyes and float away.

Enjoy kiddos,

Sara Nelle

CLOUDLIGHT by Eskmo by damodamo

Sin Fang - Always Everything

It's late (or early, depending on your perspective) and time for some chill out music. Randomly found this on soundcloud. I'm feelin' it.

Enjoy kiddos,

Sara Nelle

Sin Fang: Always Everything by morrmusic

Bon Iver - Skinny Love (Das Kapital Rerub)

One of the most beautiful indie folk songs remixed with a good electronic beat, and yet it still retains its heart. Brilliance.

Enjoy kiddos,

Sara Nelle

Bon Iver - Skinny Love (Das Kapital Rerub) by Das Kapital

Smith Westerns - Weekend

Discovered this just the other day. With floaty vocals and "na na na's", all above a catchy beat...this is definitely a song for the Weekend.

Enjoy kiddos,

Sara Nelle

Smith Westerns - Weekend by Vicente P

Dark Colour - Don't Let It Stop

These guys in Dark Colour recently came out with their first album. They're from Cincinnati, and that's pretty cool because I live not to far from there (no disclosing of super-secret location here!) and somehow that makes me feel proud because they're "local"? Stop me before I get pretentious, no one wants any of that. Anyways, I hope you feel like dancing by now.

Enjoy kiddos,

Sara Nelle

Don't Let It Stop by Dark Colour

Memory Tapes - Bicycle

A word of warning...the majority of the music I listen to is what you could consider "groovy". Well I feel like music is one of the best drugs there is. A song can elevate you from your current mood and make you feel something, whether it's through a line of lyrics or a certain beat...you can just feel it inside your chest. You may not know what that feeling is, or what emotion it evokes. But the point is you can feel it. I hope you feel something from this song, and others that I post. Additionally, I would love to point out that I love how the title really makes no sense when you listen to the song. I never hear any reference to a bicycle. But no matter, it's an excellent song. Groove on.

Enjoy kiddos,

Sara Nelle

Memory Tapes - Bicycle by musicmule

Pnau - Embrace

So I'm first going to profess my love for Empire Of The Sun. If you haven't checked them out yet, please do. They're like the Australian MGMT...with an even wackier look. This is a song by Pnau, a side project of EOTS. It's such a bouncy song with a wonderful integration of vocals. A song for summer...if it ever gets here. Oh well, I can just conjure up the feelings while listening to an amazing song like this.

Enjoy kiddos,

Sara Nelle

Pnau-Embrace by Greatluna

Goth Star - Pictureplane

Mk. Childish Gambino has a rap with DC Pierson over this track, but I don't like it. However, this song makes my heart soar. I've been blaring it ever since I first heard it in 2009 and still play it at least once a week. It's kinda ridiculous. But hopefully you'll love it too!

Pictureplane - Goth Star by afisha

Okay, my turn. (New Prince-Childish Gambino)

That leaves me. I'm Corey, as Miss Sara mentioned. I'm a college student too (surprises abound here) but go to the rival school to Sara. That's how we roll, bridging two worlds. I too constantly send my friends (and my poor, poor girlfriend) music and videos and grooveshark links. However, I am a bit more into hip hop and party music than Sara, so you'll get two sides of the same type of musical taste. This'll be fun.

Now to my first track: New Prince by Childish Gambino (Donald Glover of Community and Derrick Comedy fame.) It's a bit of a sample of what you'll be getting from me. Sick remixes or hip hop or indie rock. Ya digg?
01 New Prince (Crown On the Ground) by drunkrabbit22

WELCOME! happy mardi gras! ("Raindrops" by Basement Jaxx)

Hello there! I'm Sara Nelle. Let's get the basics down. I'm a college student who wastes too much time posting videos on Facebook to either the delight, or the dismay, of my "friends". How do I know that a song that may have changed my whole day, let alone, my whole outlook on life, will affect others the way it affected me? That's why I'm here with my friend, Corey, and we're going to give you our own little take on what we're jammin' too. I may get a little personal about why the songs recall a memory, but I promise I'll keep it fun, and hopefully amusing too. If you don't like the music, that's cool. If you do, that's GREAT! Let's be friends. Here's my motto when it comes to these things: I have really good taste, and really good bad taste.

So to kick things off, I tried to think of my favorite song of all time. The fact is, I couldn't. It's no easy feat! I love so much for different reasons...but this song just randomly popped into my head. I thought it was perfect for Mardi Gras. The song is upbeat, and so much fun to dance to. It's definitely on my ultimate dance playlist.

Enjoy kiddos,

Sara Nelle

Raindrops by Basement Jaxx