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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Memory Tapes - Bicycle

A word of warning...the majority of the music I listen to is what you could consider "groovy". Well I feel like music is one of the best drugs there is. A song can elevate you from your current mood and make you feel something, whether it's through a line of lyrics or a certain beat...you can just feel it inside your chest. You may not know what that feeling is, or what emotion it evokes. But the point is you can feel it. I hope you feel something from this song, and others that I post. Additionally, I would love to point out that I love how the title really makes no sense when you listen to the song. I never hear any reference to a bicycle. But no matter, it's an excellent song. Groove on.

Enjoy kiddos,

Sara Nelle

Memory Tapes - Bicycle by musicmule

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